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Why are some wires without insulation skin?

Why are some wires without insulation skin?

In fact,

"No clothes" high-voltage line,

very common,

But since someone asked,

It is still necessary to explain again,

Why some high-voltage lines can "running naked".

First of all, we need to know-

01 What is the use of the "clothes" of the wire?

The "clothing" of the wire, that is, the insulating skin, can form a protective barrier between the human body and the metal conductor to prevent us from getting an electric shock.

The reason why the insulating skin can be insulated is because the material used to make the insulating skin can form a greater resistance to current. Direct current cannot pass through it, and it will not be conducted to the human body. Alternating current will generate a capacitive current when it passes through the insulating material. Since the charge passing through is so small that it is negligible, it is usually regarded as non-conductive.

02 Why can not wear clothes on high-voltage lines?

Do the wires need to wear clothes,

When the voltage suddenly rises due to weather or line faults,

If you want to ensure that the insulation skin can work even at high voltages, the requirements for thickness are relatively high. Just imagine,

Wrapped with thick insulation, the heat dissipation of the high-voltage line will be affected.

In the transmission and distribution system,

In order to reduce the loss during power transmission,

Distribution lines are divided into low-voltage distribution lines and high-voltage distribution lines, which are used to directly transmit electrical energy to electrical equipment.

03 Is the high-voltage line safe without clothes?

There are air gaps between the wires and the ground, between the wires and the wires, between the wires and the ground, and between the wires and the towers. Insufficient gaps will cause arcing, which can lead to electric shocks or electric injuries. Therefore, during the line construction process, the construction personnel will accurately calculate the air gap to leave a sufficient safety distance.

Even if it rains, the rainwater is in the form of droplets rather than continuous. Therefore, even if raindrops fall on a wire without insulation,

In the event of extreme weather that may damage the line, the power supply company will issue early warnings and make emergency plans. Once the line fails, the power supply staff will rush to the scene as soon as possible after meeting the emergency repair conditions.

So, don't worry about the high-voltage lines that "running naked" in the storm. There is a reason why people don't wear clothes!

Welcome reading, anyone intereseted in high voltage cable production line, see you next time.



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