Remote Control

Remote Maintenance-Copper Wire Drawing Machine

Through the cooperation between equipment technology, sensing technology, software and real-time communication technology, the integrated management of equipment is formed between the user’s factory and Brilliant to the equipment.

Measures for Customers’ Benefits:

Obtain conclusive equipment operating data from all relevant links

Analyze the running quality of equipment according to big data

Take preventive interventions in time according to the abnormal situation of remote monitoring equipment


Operation Monitoring Module is responsible for real-time monitoring of the entire line of data, and of the status of each single equipment. Through the monitoring screen, users can learn about some important parameters of each equipment: production speed, production quantity, operating status, production parameters, and loss of some equipment. Users can also view the real-time alarm of the equipment so that they can quickly grasp the operation of stand-alone equipment and conduct centralized management and reasonable allocation of resources.

Energy Management Module comprehensively collects energy consumption data (electricity, water, air, etc.) of the production line, so that the energy consumption of the entire plant will not be overlooked, providing a strong basis for refined management through a visual figure.

Intelligent Maintenance Module reminds the customer of the number of parts to be maintained in each single equipment by setting the pre-maintenance reminder cycle, so that the enterprise can prepare the inventory of the spare parts in advance. Operators will be reminded that the equipment needs to be maintained so that to maximize the life cycle of the equipment and save unnecessary waste for users.

Report Center Module can provide production data reports, alarm reports, energy consumption reports, maintenance management reports, and OEE reports according to customers’ requirements for designing report format.

Administrators can remotely access reports and data directly from the system through the browser of a computer or mobile phone to stay informed factory conditions.


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