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Common Problems And Solutions For Running Wire Drawing Machine

1.The reason for the oxidation of the surface by the copper wire drawing machine


1The temperature of the cooling water in the sealing chamber is too high, exceeding 40 °C, so that the sealing chamber cannot achieve the required cooling effect on the wire.

As a result, the temperature of the wire is still very high after annealing, and it is oxidized when it encounters oxygen in the air at high temperature.


2When operating the wire drawing machine ,the content of the cooling liquid in the sealing chamber is not enough, which will increase the friction between the wire and each guide wheel, and then increase the temperature of the wire again, causing the surface of the wire to oxidize.


3The water pressure and water volume of the cooling water in the sealed chamber are not enough, so that the wire cannot achieve a satisfactory cooling effect.


Solution: Regularlly checking machine for cooling the circulating water is running normally and whether the cooling effect is normal; add substances that can increase the concentration of the cooling liquid in the sealed chamber at certain intervals, so that the content of the cooling liquid in the cooling water can be changed to ensure the wire It can run normally on the guide wheel; regularly check whether the water pressure of the circulating water is normal, and constantly change the pressure and water volume of the cooling water entering the sealed chamber according to the change of the water pressure during production.


2.Reasons for frequent wire breakage in wire drawing production


1)The sizing area of the wire drawing die will become larger due to normal wear during uninterrupted production.


2)Quality problems of various rods. During the production process of wire drawing machine, the rods have irregular quality defects, which cause the wire to be broken by various unpredictable tensions during the wire drawing deformation. This situation rarely occurs when the rod is good.


3)The annealing current is not constant during production, the current is suddenly high, and the single wire is pulled off during the annealing process or fused by a sudden strong current.


Solution: Before production, fully self-inspect the copper rod to be produced, find out the quality defects of the copper rod in time, and find corresponding countermeasures in time according to different situations, or reduce the wire drawing speed, or remove the defective section. During production, constantly observe whether the annealing current of the wire drawing is normal, especially when it is just started, pay special attention to the change of the annealing current, adjust the size of the annealing current according to the change of the wire speed, and then make the annealing current slowly follow the wire. The speed increases and becomes larger to ensure the normal operation of the wire drawing machine.



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