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Solutions for problems to copper wire drawing machine testing

Solutions for problems to copper wire drawing machine testing

The quality of copper wire production is a problem that all cable manufacturers are very concerned about, because the quality and efficiency of wire drawing directly affect the production process of the subsequent process, and it also plays a decisive role in the quality of the wire. In the production of wire drawing machines The following problems often appear in the middle.

Accurate control of product outer diameter deviation

Due to the uninterrupted production of copper wire drawing equipment, the wire drawing speed will gradually be out of sync with annealing. During wire drawing, the wire diameter will appear intermittent, irregular sections, large sections, and small sections due to the fast and slow traction speed. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

1. The tension on the storage reel is unstable. There may be many places where air pressure is used in the production workshop. This will cause the air pressure of the drawing machine air pump to be large and sometimes small, which also makes the tension of the storage device not constant. The speed of the wire is constant, which makes the pulling force of the wire drawing non-constant value, which can cause the deviation of the monofilament outer diameter to be unable to be accurately controlled.

2. The jitter of the copper wire on the annealing wheel, which makes the copper wire annealed in the state of being loose and sometimes tight. The current density of the annealing is sometimes large and sometimes small, while the strength of the copper wire at a higher speed is relatively low. Therefore, it is easy to cause the copper wire to ignite on the annealing wheel, which makes the surface of the copper wire uneven due to the effect of sparks.

3. The wear and tear caused by the long-term use of the main motor gearbox can make the drawing speed of the fixed-speed wheel not match the traction speed and the take-up speed, resulting in the thinning of the monofilament.

Solution: Provide good lubrication to the wire accumulator to prevent it from causing reverse friction on the wire during high-speed operation and thus make the wire thin; adjust the tension of the wire so that the wire drawing stroke is always close to the annealing wheel; Ensure the integrity of the steel ring of the annealing wheel and avoid the unstable annealing current due to the surface defects of the steel ring.

Re-match the wire drawing machine according to the actual situation of the wire drawing machine: adjust according to the wire drawing principle, so that the annealing wheel speed / fixed speed wheel speed = front slip coefficient × fixed speed wheel diameter / annealing wheel diameter, of which the fixed speed wheel and the annealing wheel The diameter of the wire drawing machine is known, and the rotation speed of the fixed speed wheel and the annealing wheel can also be measured. From this, the front slip coefficient can be obtained. Based on the slip coefficient, the wire drawing machine can be re-matched so that the matched mold can meet the requirements. .

The reason for the surface oxidation of the single wire drawn by the wire drawing machine

1. The temperature of the cooling water in the sealed chamber is too high, exceeding 40℃, so that the sealed chamber will not be able to achieve the required cooling effect on the monofilament, resulting in the monofilament temperature is still very high after annealing, and it encounters air at high temperature. Oxygen and oxidation.

2. The saponification liquid content of the cooling liquid in the sealed chamber is not enough, which will increase the friction between the monofilament and the guide wheels, and then the temperature of the monofilament will rise again, causing the surface of the monofilament to oxidize.

3. The water pressure and water volume of the cooling water in the sealed chamber are not enough, so that the monofilament cannot achieve a satisfactory cooling effect.

Solution: frequently check whether the equipment for cooling circulating water is operating normally and whether the cooling effect is normal; add substances that can increase the concentration of saponification liquid in the sealed chamber after a certain period of time, so that the content of saponification liquid in the cooling water can be changed to ensure monofilament It can operate normally on the guide wheel; regularly check whether the water pressure of the circulating water is normal, and constantly change the pressure and volume of the cooling water entering the sealed chamber according to the change of the water pressure during production.

Causes of frequent wire breakage in wire drawing production

1. The sizing area of the wire drawing die will become larger due to normal wear and tear during uninterrupted production.

2. The quality problems of various rod materials. During the production process, the rod materials irregularly appear quality defects, which causes the monofilament to be broken by various unpredictable tensions during the drawing deformation. This situation rarely occurs when the rod material is good.

3. The annealing current is not constant during production, and the current is suddenly high, and the monofilament is broken during the annealing process or fused by a sudden strong current.

Solution: Before production, fully self-inspect the copper rods to be produced, find the quality defects of the copper rods in time, find corresponding countermeasures in time according to different situations, or reduce the drawing speed, or remove the defects in this section. During the production, constantly observe whether the annealing current of the wire drawing is normal, especially when it is just started, pay special attention to the change of the annealing current, adjust the annealing current according to the change of the wire speed, and then make the annealing current slowly follow the wire The speed increases and becomes larger to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

It is believed that as long as the above points are controlled in actual production, the quality and production efficiency of copper wire drawing products will be improved to varying degrees, so as to provide a strong production guarantee for the next process production better and faster.



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