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PVC Cable VS Silicone Cable

Advantages Of PVC Cables

  • PVC is relatively low cost and available in a wide range of colours
  • PVC is durable and offers longevity
  • PVC is resistant to; chemicals, corrosion, impact, abrasion and weathering((-40 to 105°C)
  • PVC is Static Electricity proof. Leads easily kept clean.
  • PVC test leads typically feature a white internal insulation and coloured external insulation. Easy to spot cable damage.

Disadvantages Of PVC Cables

  • PVC is not as 'flexible' as Silicone cables.
  • PVC has a lower heat resistance compared to Silicone cables.

Advantages Of Silicone Cables
  • Silicone insulated cables offer the highest manoeuvrability and cable flexibility(-90°C to 200°C+.)
  • Silicone insulation offers very high heat resistance
  • Silicone is resistant against oils and solvents
Disadvantages Of Silicone Cables
  • Silicone leads are more expensive than PVC leads
  • Susceptible to cable damage and less hard wearing than PVC Leads
  • Silicone leads generate static-electricity
  • Silicone Test leads typically have a single insulation colour. Difficult to identify cable damage.

How to choose produce pvc cable or silicone cable?
Client should consider all the factors like: market demand, sale's way, factory size, budget etc.
Welcome to conact us to learn more information of thePVC Cable ExtruderandSilicone Cable Extruder.



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