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  • Silicone Kneader
Silicone Kneader

Silicone Kneader

  • Design capacity:620L
  • Motor power:37KW
  • Buffer tank capacity:15L
  • Weight:5T
  • Description: Silicone Kneader,VACUUM KNEADER Email:[email protected]


  1. Design capacity:620L

  2. Motor power:37KW

  3. Reducer:ZLY-250(hard tooth surface reducer)

  4. Vacuum pump: SK-2 water-ring vacuum pump

  5. Buffer tank capacity:15L

  6. W type cylinder interlayer, inner thickness: 10mm, material: 304 stainless steel. External thickness: 12mm. Material: Q235

  7. The inside thickness of wall plate: 4mm, material: 304 stainless steel. External thickness: 25mm. Material: carbon steel.

  8. This machine is with one electrical cabinet and one hydraulic pressure turned cylinder system ( hydraulic pressure turned cylinder and hydraulic pressure upcap)

  9. This machine adopts double temperature measurement system, material temperature checks from the wall plate of kneader, with E type thermocouple to check temperature. This machine is with electric heating function, heating power 24kw, automatic temperature control.

  10. Hydraulic pressure turned cylinder motor power: 1.5kw.

  11. Paddle and cylinder wall space: 3mm.

  12. Weight: 5 tons.

  13. Size: 2950*1800mm(L*W)

  14. The turned angle more than 90° will not topple over when turned the cylinder. With protection rod in front and plate to fix the machine on ground.

  15. When turned, the distance between ground and cylinder ≧ 65cm.

  16. Four shaft seal gland boxes are Haff style. The material of shaft seal is teflon, vacuum degree≤-0.09Mpa